Dotcash Loan App: Quick and Easy Loans In Kenya
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DotCash loan Apk
Dotcash Loan App: Quick and Easy Loans In Kenya
About Dot Cash loan KES

Are you a resident of Kenya looking for a quick, hassle-free loan? The Dotcash Loan App might be just what you need. Developed by DOTCASH CREDIT LIMITED, this app allows you to apply for unsecured loans with minimal requirements and receive funds within 24 hours.

This comprehensive guide will take you through everything you need to know about Dotcash Loan App, from how it works to how you can get started today.

What is Dotcash Loan App?

Dotcash Loan App is a mobile application designed to provide quick, unsecured loans to Kenyan residents. It was developed by DOTCASH CREDIT LIMITED, a company dedicated to making financial services accessible to all. With Dotcash, you can apply for a loan without the need for collateral, and the application process is straightforward and fast.

How Dotcash Loan App Works

Applying for a loan through Dotcash is simple. Here’s a step-by-step overview of the process:

  1. Download the App: Get the Dotcash Loan App from the Google Play Store.
  2. Create an Account: Register by providing your personal details.
  3. Login and Apply: Log into your account and follow the prompts to apply for a loan.
  4. Wait for Review: The Dotcash team will review your application.
  5. Receive Funds: If approved, the funds will be transferred to your account within 24 hours.

Loan Amounts and Terms

Dotcash offers loans of up to KSh 80,000. The loan terms can vary, but they provide a maximum loan tenure of one year. This flexibility allows you to choose a repayment period that suits your financial situation.

Interest Rates and Fees

The interest rate for Dotcash loans is 36% per annum. This translates to a monthly interest rate of 3%. While this rate is competitive compared to many other quick loan services, it’s essential to understand how it impacts your repayment amounts.

Example Loan Calculation

To give you a clear picture, let’s break down an example loan:

  • Loan Amount: KSh 20,000
  • Loan Tenure: 91 days (3 months)
  • Monthly Interest Rate: 3%


  • Monthly Interest: KSh 20,000 * 3% = KSh 600
  • Monthly Payment: (KSh 20,000 / 3) + KSh 600 = KSh 7,266

Total repayment amount over 3 months:

  • Principal: KSh 20,000
  • Total Interest: KSh 1,800
  • Total Payment: KSh 21,800

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for a loan with Dotcash, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be a Kenyan resident.
  • Be between the ages of 18 and 60.
  • Have a source of income and the ability to repay the loan.

Steps to Apply for a Dotcash Loan

Here’s a detailed guide on how to apply for a loan using the Dotcash Loan App:

  1. Download the App: Search for “Dotcash Loan App” on the Google Play Store and install it on your smartphone.
  2. Register: Open the app and create an account by filling in your personal information.
  3. Login: Use your credentials to log into your account.
  4. Apply for a Loan: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your loan application. This typically involves providing information about your income and desired loan amount.
  5. Submit Application: Once your application is complete, submit it for review.
  6. Receive Funds: If your application is approved, the funds will be deposited into your bank account within 24 hours.

Contacting Dotcash Loan Support

If you need assistance or have questions about your loan, you can contact Dotcash Loan support through the following channels:

  • Email:
  • Phone: +84 329 136 512
  • Address: Starehe, Chania Avenue, Adlife Plaza Floor 10, 17285 Nairobi, Kenya

Benefits of Using Dotcash Loan App

There are several advantages to using Dotcash Loan App:

  • Quick Approval: Loans are processed and approved within 24 hours.
  • No Collateral Needed: You don’t need to provide any security or collateral to get a loan.
  • Easy Application Process: The entire process is done via the app, making it convenient and straightforward.
  • Flexible Loan Amounts: You can borrow up to KSh 80,000, depending on your needs and repayment ability.
  • Competitive Interest Rates: The annual interest rate of 36% is competitive compared to other quick loan services.

Potential Drawbacks

While Dotcash Loan App has many benefits, it’s important to be aware of potential drawbacks:

  • High Interest Rates: Although competitive, the 36% annual interest rate can still be high for some borrowers.
  • Short Repayment Periods: Depending on your loan terms, you may have a limited time to repay the loan, which could be challenging if you have other financial commitments.
  • Eligibility Requirements: You must have a source of income and the ability to repay the loan, which might not be possible for everyone.

Tips for Responsible Borrowing

Borrowing money is a significant financial decision. Here are some tips to ensure you use Dotcash Loan App responsibly:

  • Borrow What You Need: Only take out a loan for the amount you genuinely need and can repay comfortably.
  • Understand the Terms: Make sure you fully understand the interest rates, fees, and repayment schedule before applying.
  • Budget for Repayments: Plan your finances to ensure you can meet your repayment obligations without straining your budget.
  • Avoid Multiple Loans: Try not to take out multiple loans simultaneously, as this can lead to a debt spiral.


The Dotcash Loan App is a valuable tool for Kenyan residents in need of quick, unsecured loans. With a simple application process, competitive interest rates, and fast approval times, it offers a convenient solution for financial emergencies or short-term needs. However, it’s crucial to borrow responsibly and understand the terms and conditions before applying.


1. What is the maximum loan amount I can borrow from Dotcash Loan App?

You can borrow up to KSh 80,000 from the Dotcash Loan App, depending on your eligibility and repayment capacity.

2. How long does it take to get a loan approved?

Loan approvals are typically processed within 24 hours, allowing you to receive funds quickly.

3. Do I need collateral to apply for a Dotcash loan?

No, you do not need any collateral to apply for a loan with Dotcash. The loans are unsecured.

4. What are the interest rates for Dotcash loans?

Dotcash loans have an annual interest rate of 36%, which breaks down to a monthly rate of 3%.

5. How can I contact Dotcash Loan support if I have questions or issues?

You can reach Dotcash Loan support via email at, by phone at +84 329 136 512, or visit their office at Starehe, Chania Avenue, Adlife Plaza Floor 10, 17285 Nairobi, Kenya.

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