Scoppe Loan App: Unlocking Financial Opportunities

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Scoppe Loan
Scoppe Loan App: Unlocking Financial Opportunities
About Scoppe Loan App

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial technology, Scoppe Loan App emerges as a of innovation, hailing from the vibrant nation of Kenya. This comprehensive guide aims to delve into the intricacies of Scoppe Loan App, offering valuable insights into its features, application process, repayment methods, and customer support.

Understanding Scoppe Loan App

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In the realm of online loans, Scoppe Loan as a Kenyan platform providing swift and convenient financial solutions. Offering a maximum loan duration of 100 days, the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 196.56% ensures transparency. Notably, Scoppe Loan App prides itself on a fee structure devoid of hidden charges, making it a trustworthy choice for borrowers.

Exploring Scoppe Loan Services

Scoppe Loan caters to diverse financial needs, exemplified by the following scenario:

Consider applying for a 60-day loan with a principal amount of KES 500, attracting an interest of KES 150. The app’s flexible payment schedule is tailored to the borrower’s convenience. The total amount due by the end of the loan term is KES 650. Late payments incur a one-time penalty of KES 25, bringing the total repayment amount to KES 675.

Embarking on Your Scoppe Loan Journey

1. Downloading the Scoppe Loan App

To initiate the borrowing process, head to the Google Play Store, and download the Scoppe Loan.

2. Creating Your Account

Upon successful installation, create your account by providing the necessary information.

3. Logging In and Commencing Usage

Log in using your credentials and start using the app. Complete any required data fields and submit your information.

4. Waiting for Review

Post submission, patiently await the review process.

5. Receiving Funds Upon Approval

Once your account is approved, you can expect to receive the requested funds.

Additional Information: Repayment Methods

Efficient repayment options are integral to Scoppe Loans App’s user experience. Repayments can be made directly through the app or via the MPESA Paybill Number 519601.

  1. Access the Scoppe app on your mobile device.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Loan’ tab, select the active loan, and proceed to make the payment.


  1. Use MPESA Paybill Number 519601 for loan settlements.
  2. Specify your ID or phone number as the account number.
  3. If the payment originates from a different phone number, ensure the account number matches your loan application phone number.
  4. Refresh the Scoppe app after completing the payment.

Contacting Scoppe Loan App Customer Service

For any queries or assistance, reach out to Scoppe Loans App’s dedicated customer support:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 0707 000 222
  • Office Address: Jasmine Centre, Block E2, Next to Old Safaricom House, PIO GAMA PINTO Road, Westlands, Kenya.


In conclusion, Scoppe Loans App emerges as a reliable financial partner, offering transparent terms and user-friendly services. The convenience of online applications, coupled with flexible repayment options, positions Scoppe Loan App as a noteworthy player in the digital lending arena.

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