PesaM Loan App: Unsecured Loans
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Pesa M Loan App
PesaM Loan App: Unsecured Loans
About PesaM Loan App

In the dynamic landscape of financial solutions, the PesaM Loan App offers accessible loans to the residents of Tanzania.

Developed by PESAMLOAN, this app provides a new lending service for those seeking financial assistance, featuring a user-friendly interface and flexible payment.

Understanding PesaM Loan App

PesaM Loan App distinguishes itself by providing loans ranging from TZS 10,000 to TZS 1,000,000, featuring repayment durations spanning from 91 to 180 days. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) varies between 12% and 18%, ensuring competitive and transparent lending practices. This article delves into the intricacies of PesaM Loan App, shedding light on its services, eligibility criteria, and the step-by-step process of obtaining a loan.

Exploring PesaM Loan Services

1. Installment Loans: A Closer Look

One of the primary services offered by PesaM Loan App is installment loans. Let’s break down the calculation with an example: Consider a principal amount of TZS 10,000 with an annual interest rate of 12% over a 180-day repayment period. The total interest accrued would be TZS 10,000 * 12% / 365 * 180 = TZS 592. Consequently, the total repayment amount sums up to TZS 10,000 (principal) + TZS 592 (total interest) = TZS 10,592.

Requirements to Access PesaM Loan App

To harness the financial benefits of PesaM Loan App, users must meet specific criteria:

  1. Residency: Applicants must be residents of Tanzania.
  2. Age: The minimum age requirement is 18 years and above.
  3. Mobile Network: Users must have either M-Pesa or Tigo.
  4. Stable Income: A steady source of income is a prerequisite.

Initiating Your PesaM Loan Journey

Embarking on your financial journey with PesaM Loans App is a straightforward process. Follow these steps for a seamless experience:

  1. Download the App: Head to the Google Play Store and download the PesaM Loans App.
  2. Create Your Account: Register by providing the necessary details.
  3. Login and Input Information: Log in to your account and fill in your personal information along with the desired loan amount.
  4. Review Process: Wait for the app to conduct a thorough review of your application.
  5. Receive Funds: Once approved, the funds will be disbursed to your account.

Customer Service Excellence at PesaM Loan

Contact Information:


In conclusion, the PesaM Loans App provides assistance to individuals in need. Its user-friendly interface, coupled with reasonable interest rates, makes it a solution for many Tanzanians. Whether you’re facing unexpected expenses or need additional funds for a project, the Pesa M Loan App offers a convenient and reliable borrowing process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What sets PesaM Loan App apart from other lending platforms?

Pesa M Loan App distinguishes itself through its competitive APR, transparent lending practices, and user-friendly interface, ensuring a hassle-free borrowing experience.

2. Can I apply for a loan if I don’t have an M-Pesa or Tigo account?

Unfortunately, no. Pesa M Loan App requires users to have either M-Pesa or Tigo for the loan application process.

3. Are there any hidden charges in the loan repayment process?

No, Pesa M Loan App is committed to transparency. All charges, including interest, are clearly communicated before the loan approval.

4. What happens if I miss a repayment deadline?

Missing a repayment deadline may result in additional charges. It is advisable to reach out to PesaM Loan’s customer service to discuss potential solutions.

5. Is my personal information secure with PesaM Loan App?

Absolutely. Pesa M Loan App prioritizes the security of user data and employs robust measures to safeguard personal information.

6. Is the PesaM Loan app licensed in Tanzania and not a fraudulent app?

To find out about this, you can contact the government services that regulate online loan apps.

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