Lapo Microfinance Bank: Empowering Small-Scale Businesses in Nigeria

Lapo Microfinance Bank NGN  is a highly recognized and widely used institution in Nigeria, known for its commitment to providing financial services to individuals and small-scale businesses. Established in 2012, it obtained a license from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to operate as a national microfinance bank. Lapo MFB stands out by offering loan and credit facilities without stringent credit score requirements, making it accessible to a wide range of borrowers.

In this article, we will explore the various offerings of Lapo Microfinance Bank, including their SME plan, savings plan, advantages and disadvantages, loan requirements, and contact information.

SME Plan: Fueling Enterprise Growth

Lapo Microfinance Bank NGN understands the vital role played by Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) in the Nigerian economy. To support the growth and expansion of these enterprises, Lapo MFB offers the “SME loan,” a credit product tailored specifically for SME operators in Nigeria. With this loan, Lapo MFB willingly provides individuals with credit facilities of up to 5 million naira to fuel enterprise expansion.

Under the SME loan program, Lapo MFB offers different loan options to cater to the diverse needs of small business owners. The regular loan option allows individuals to form groups to access funds, enabling collaborative growth and support within the business community. Additionally, Lapo MFB offers education loans, which are exclusively intended for the payment of primary and secondary school fees.

Savings Plan: A Path to Financial Security

Realizing that individuals often have specific projects they wish to accomplish, Lapo Microfinance Bank has designed the Savings Plan Account. This account empowers customers, individuals, and groups to save funds dedicated to their particular projects over a specified period of time.

By depositing funds into the savings account, customers not only secure their money but also earn interest on their savings.

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Lapo Microfinance Bank Loan Requirements

To apply for a loan from Lapo Microfinance Bank NGN, the following documents and items are typically required:

  1. Loan application letter:
    A formal letter stating the purpose of the loan and the desired loan amount.
  2. Duly completed application form:
    A comprehensive application form providing essential personal and business information.
  3. Two guarantors:
    Lapo MFB requires two individuals who can serve as guarantors for the loan. The guarantors should be creditworthy and willing to assume responsibility if the borrower defaults on the loan.
  4. Valid identification:
    A valid form of identification, such as a national ID, driver’s license, voter’s card, or international passport.
  5. Current utility bill:
    A recent utility bill, such as electricity or water bill, to verify the borrower’s address.
  6. Four recent passport-size photographs:
    Recent photographs of the borrower to be included in the loan application.

Advantages of Lapo Microfinance Bank

Lapo Microfinance Bank offers several advantages to individuals and small-scale businesses seeking financial assistance:

  1. No collateral is required:
    Lapo MFB understands the challenges faced by borrowers in providing collateral for loans. Therefore, they do not mandate collateral for loan requests, making it easier for individuals and businesses to access funds.
  2. Easy access to funds for business expansion:
    Lapo MFB aims to foster business growth by providing quick and convenient access to funds. This enables entrepreneurs to seize opportunities for expansion and take their ventures to the next level.
  3. Flexible repayment structure:
    Recognizing the varying cash flows of businesses, Lapo MFB offers a flexible repayment structure. This allows borrowers to repay their loans in a manner that aligns with their financial capabilities, reducing the burden and promoting successful loan repayment.
  4. Low interest rates:
    Lapo MFB operates with competitive interest rates, ensuring that borrowers can access funds at affordable rates. This commitment to affordability enhances the financial sustainability of borrowers and facilitates their progress.

Disadvantages of Lapo Microfinance Bank

While Lapo Microfinance Bank has numerous advantages, it is essential to consider the following disadvantages:

  1. Limited individual loan services:
    Lapo MFB predominantly operates group loans, which may limit the loan services available to individuals seeking financing. However, this group-based approach fosters collaboration and mutual support among borrowers.
  2. Requirement for guarantors:
    To mitigate risks and ensure responsible lending, Lapo MFB requires borrowers to provide guarantors. While this may provide added security, it can present challenges for some individuals who struggle to find suitable guarantors.
  3. Maximum loan duration:
    Loan products offered by Lapo MFB have a maximum duration of one year. Borrowers must plan and manage their finances effectively to ensure timely loan repayment within the specified timeframe.

Contacting Lapo Microfinance Bank

If you have any inquiries or wish to reach out to Lapo Microfinance Bank, you can use the following contact information:

  • Email:
    You can also contact Lapo Microfinance Bank via email at
  • Phone:
    08139840230, 09053955992, 09056539824, 08150894171, or 09053955965.
  • Address:
    Lapo Microfinance Bank’s Lagos office is located at Irorun Plaza, 2nd Floor, Kudirat Abiola Way, Oregun. P.M.B. 1729, Ikeja, Lagos State.


Lapo Microfinance Bank NGN plays a pivotal role in supporting the growth and development of individuals and small-scale businesses in Nigeria. Through their SME plan and savings plan, Lapo MFB offers accessible financial solutions tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs. The bank’s commitment to low interest rates, flexible repayment structures, and ease of access to funds contributes to the financial empowerment of borrowers.

While Lapo Microfinance Bank has certain limitations, such as a focus on group loans and the requirement for guarantors, its advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. By providing loan products without the need for collateral, Lapo MFB facilitates economic progress and empowers borrowers to achieve their goals.

For those considering Lapo Microfinance Bank as a financial partner, it is important to gather the necessary loan requirements and carefully evaluate their financial capabilities and responsibilities. With Lapo Microfinance Bank’s contact information readily available, individuals can reach out to clarify any doubts and embark on a journey towards financial growth and stability.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.Q: Can I apply for a loan from Lapo Microfinance Bank without providing collateral?

  • A: Yes, Lapo Microfinance Bank does not require collateral for loan requests, making it easier for individuals and businesses to access funds.

2.Q: How can I benefit from Lapo Microfinance Bank’s flexible repayment structure?

  • A: Lapo MFB’s flexible repayment structure allows borrowers to tailor their loan repayments according to their financial capabilities. This ensures that borrowers can repay their loans comfortably and avoid financial strain.

3.Q: What is the maximum duration of Lapo Microfinance Bank’s loan products?

  • A: Lapo MFB’s loan products typically have a maximum duration of one year. Borrowers should plan their finances accordingly to meet the repayment timeline.

4.Q: Can Lapo Microfinance Bank provide individual loan services?

  • A: While Lapo MFB predominantly operates group loans, they also offer individual loan services. However, it is important to inquire about the specific loan options available.

5.Q: How can I contact Lapo Microfinance Bank for further information?

  • A: You can contact Lapo Microfinance Bank by phone at the provided numbers, visit their Lagos office, or send an email to

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