Relaxing instrumental music romantic saxophone friends relaxing at night

Hi Friends, this time I will share about the musical instrument with a romantic nuance that is accompanied by a tool “Sexophone” there may be a question, like what or how The Shape of the musical instrument that is usually used for this melody.

No different from the flute musical instrument, it’s just for this Sexophone on a material made of metal and for The Shape of a cone, which is for the “blow” small and large on the output. For more details you can see in the picture below.

img sexophone

And for just we know together who is the creator of the instrument Sexophone, which for this tool was made first around 1846, and for the maker is a Belgian music player named Adolph Sax.

And until now this musical instrument continues to be used by many musicians around the world, so a glimpse of the Sexophone musical instrument commonly used for romantic instruments, hiphop, dj, Jazz, classical and various other music categories.

As for those of you who may want to watch, listen to relaxation music with the accompaniment of a Sexophone, then you can find it on Youtube, Soundcloud,Spotify, Deezer, Apple music and others, of course,with the background of scenery, waterfalls, and also the sounds of birds and others.


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